Having a full scale art department with various artists allows us to create the exact style of art you need for all your projects from T’shirts, stickers, hats and banners to vehicle graphics and business cards.

Because we are in the printing field we design your graphic with the printing in mind. Not all ART translates well to the printed medium so we do our best to use our skills and knowledge of printing to allow it to work well with each individual print.


Aaron “Bro” Clark is the creator of Broprints.
The idea spawned in 1994 in his garage when he and a friend took apart an old record player and made a 2 color press out of it.
After graduating from Humboldt State University with a BA in Studio Art he was determined to get his art and graphics out in the world.  What better way than t-shirts.  After joining the team at Consolidated Skateboards in 1997 and heading the screen printing department, the idea of making Broprints a real business became a reality.

With all the art experience and having worked in the commercial printing industry for the previous 7 years the doors officially opened in 2000.  Now a full scale print shop he assists the team in making sure the ART, PRINTS and PRODUCTION are top notch. To us it’s more of an art form rather than just a commercial print job.

To see Aaron’s personal art work visit:


Beau’s art background goes back before joining the Broprints Team in 2007 when he was in school studying photography. Since then he has polished his skills on the computer and most importantly in the hand drawing department.

Over the last decade he has created many of the graphics that you see on stickers and shirts throughout the Santa Cruz area. Not only has he excelled in his art skills but has become versed in the sign department as well. With full knowledge of all the departments at Broprints he is the go to guy.

Besides working here Beau has created his own design firm under the name Ground Up Graphics and continues to supply companies with crisp, clean art for all their marketing and graphic needs.


In order to print the highest quality graphic for you whether it is a t-shirt, sticker, banner or business card we will need the highest resolution art from you. If you can only supply a low res image than that is how it will print. Or contact one of our highly trained artists from our in house Art Department to create something for you. ART CHARGES ARE $85.00 PER HOUR. (Min. 1/2 hr.) Remember, if you pull something off the internet chances are it will be only 72 .dpi (dot’s per inch. aka: crappy) Not to mention there are copyright laws you need to follow.

With that in mind please read the Art Requirements Below:

Best files:
Illustrator vector based file with any FONTS created to outlines. Formats: .ai, .pdf, .eps
Photoshop files created at 300 .dpi with spot colors in layers. If not in layers art charges may apply. Formats: .psd, .tif, .eps, .jpg

Hand Drawn art will need to be scanned, cleaned and or re-created if necessary. Art charges apply.
Schedule does book up from time to time and our artists get backed up so allow time within your order.